Thursday, April 29, 2010


Good luck to everyone~!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I finally found the switch to turn on the lights.

That's just how random we were wtf *face palm*

I seriously love talking with my friends.
I love talking about the times when we were all just silly, and being really really ourselves.
I love the 'us' while we're talking back on how ridiculously-incredibly-silly we were,
and we'd go like:
"OMG I can't believe we did this/that"
"hahhahahahah! You remembered!!"

"huh?" *don't kill me xDDD!*

look at how incredulously happy we were!
*I must've been on crack to be able to laugh like that on photo wtf!*

Its all just, VERY enlightening.

"How enlightening?" you may ask...
Its enlightening in the sense that, to me at least anyways...,

1. I am reminded of the times that we all laughed,
or at the times when we were just being silly-clowns.

2. I am also reminded that even though I've been through so much hardship,
That's all that matters~!
I lived through it, dealt with it.
I'm a survivor!

Happie Familie

3. Even though our numerical indicators have gone up, some things just don't die entirely.
Ragnarok fever wtf!
We may have aged grown wiser slightly in terms of numbers,
we're pretty much the same at heart. and mentality wtf

So, yes people, I am enlightened.


Besides the 3 mentioned, I finally realized that time DOES NOT fly, it flashes by wtf!
And the irony in life is that,
While we're in the moment, we hoped to leave;
and when its all over, we hope to relive the moment once more.


Jokes aside, I is supar happie for meeting up with supar good-ol' buddies
aka. the "Oink Inc." gang.

Its been Zeons since we've met up and sat down over a good cup of bullshit chit-chats.

I am glad, honored, and really blessed to have such amazing gang of people as my buddies.
I am also super grateful for the people who have left their carbon footprint on my path of life.

Thank you very much to every single soul for being who you are.


That aside.
My work station looking surprisingly not-so messy...

Because 3 quarter of it are on the bed wtf... *face palm*

Ps: Was reading Dawn Yang's blog post here about Lady Gaga and WOW! Is Lady Gaga a genius or what?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mommy I wanna take Johnny Depp back home!


But unfortunately the awesome-me must have deleted the folder filled with 60+ resized photos of toy museum out of itchy hands bad habit.....

So the post will be delayed until further notice. Surprise surprise *smirks*

So... let's find something to talk about...


What shall we talk about.

Oh ya!
I'm in my final week of my Uni life, to be precise,
my final week in UTAR as a BBA Degree undergraduate...

Feeling somewhat complicated, I've been in a love-hate relationship with my course/life throughout the past 3-4 years...

But its like, wow! This chapter is finally coming to a full-stop. Like, so soon...

I now haz Eiffel Tower!!

Finally met up with my PJ friends since ice age.

Authentic Gummy jellies from France...
Photobucket a pickled lettuce bottle. How original =DD!

Looks like everyone's moving on with their exciting life, seeking more adventures over the other green-land.
I wanna be the next one~!

This has historical value.
Kidding. It belongs to my mother. I wanna go Japan tooooooo~~~

Finally, I'm gonna bribe you guys to continue tuning in to my blog as I leave it to rot head off to my Final battle. Will still update every now and then of course, so stay tuned~

You know you wanna watch me *stares*

"Make peace with your past so it don't screw up the present" - Regina Brett.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

major depressive disorder...

I hope not.

Anyhow, a very interesting and insightful documentary about bipolar disorder,
otherwise known as manic-depressive disorder.

Watch it here


On a different note,
I think Awesome 2010 started off really UN-awesomely.

So far, I'm barely living through all the shitty hoo-hahs and what-nots...

But let's just put that aside, I seriously fucking don't wanna talk about it so STFU please. TQVM.


Indecisiveness... Order food also so susah.

I put these up cause I love them. Nothing much.

I can put whatever I feel like and I don't care if it hurts your eyes. Ha!

So, I went back to Penang on Friday with XL and Wei for a short trip to do some stuffs....
And I seriously don't know why I bother to. Oh well, such is life; Pain in the ass.

On the ferry with the wind blowing.
I can has Mohawk hair-do fuss free~!

Curry puffs anyone?

My companion throughout Form 4 and 5.

This was during primary years. Sticker fever~!
Wonder where did I get the commitment and energy to actually collect these....

I wanna stare blankly at the sea and just listen to the wind once more.

To end this random post, I shall include the cuteness that is...


Friday, April 2, 2010

March in kodak.

I have been procrastinating... seriously.
This place has turned into deadman's land with the lack of alphabets dancing around.

mid terms ended quite a while ago, but somehow, I'm still occupied with other stuffs which I don't even know what they are wtf.

Intended to post up the long-promised Toy Museum blog post, but photobucket is acting up and allowing 2 uploads at a time, and the photos from toy museum are like, 117 photos in total..... If I were to continue, it'd really be a fml situation...

So I guess it'd be postponed to an undefined period and March updates are up first.
Mind you, I'm so sleepy right now, I'm updating and resizing the photos for the sake of informing you people I'm still alive. xD See how awesome I am?

The irony lol!

Btw! JR went to NS if you don't already know....


Don't have much to say bout this but that I kinda miss her and also hope that she'd look at this in a better light rather than complaining since day 1, but then again, who am I to judge when we both come from different background? =/

Starbucks =

Then we threw a surprise bday party for Ni, whom was taken aback despite her super-sensitive radar cause we're awesome actors/tricksters wtf

And then, there was the crazy bunch that suddenly went late-night outing just cause someone was joking bout it.
Being flexible and spontaneous is definitely a big problem for all of us lllorz...


And then, came the very last minute late-night outing cause Selene called me up to accompany her to Mist's first anniversary.
Got lost and overshoot/went pass the place. Stupid me *slaps forehead*

the VIPs of the day~!
Thanks Fly FM~!!
She happens to be our high school senior. Thank you very much for making sure we weren't yellow aliens that night and introducing us to people =D!

And lastly, another soft skill workshop attended~

The 3 sampats that kept running out to get some sun. I'm VERY sure that the workshop was held in the North Pole wtf.
My man Chloe and her awesomely-drawn self-introduction.
Doesn't it spell awesome or what?
This is my self-introduction illustration.
But then a lot of people opted the same idea, so I had to innovate and wrote "I'm a piece of blank paper" over A4.
I killed a tree on that faithful day wtf...

Ok, so this is shorter than I expect wtf!
I actually HAD a picture/idea of how chatty each individual events could be in the post, but then again, efforts in uploading the photos took longer than I expect, and was super tedious considering that I'm super tired...

So to end the super short summary of MY March,
I had a lot of crazy times.
Ups and downs included of course. I was even, say, going insane at some point.
All in all, what's past is the past.
Been there, done that, not gonna want to go back again.


“ 折れた翼を羽ばたかせ
最後の鐘が鳴り止むまで ”

Gackt- Redemption.