Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inspiration is ♥ .

Inspiration only comes during the hours of the dead; a time where drowsiness hit the hardest, and yet your hand just move on its own with a blurry picture in mind, trailing the movements of the songs played at the moment, and for the moment.

And because I do not have creativity, I just have to rely on the vague path that I see in my vision, trailing -with my hands and my faithful-ol' buddy- the melody that's playing; the song of the moment.

For however the song's path may affect the blurry vision of the moment, the blank paper will turn into a magnificent individual of its own, unique in its ways, a deviant of the lot of whites.

Now won't you agree with me, that a piece of white paper is the playground for wild imaginations? A place where 'they' are, and you just have to discover them.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time heals.

What a big difference 7 hours can make.
By the time my final paper ended, I was as pessimistic as someone who's about to jump off a building. Literally.
Plus the lethargy wasn't helping a single bit.

Really, lethargy + emoness = something REALLY scary.

Then, because lady boss had already said to go celebrate in the evening -considering me, her, and JR having examinations on the same day, and also to celebrate the end of her assignment-last-min-rush- We had a superbly expensive wonderful dinner!

And to think that I was actually so dead pessimistic+emo+lethargic that I actually intended to pass on this offer, thank god for going through the whole ordeal - considering the pain I was going through, both physical and mentally.

So, I woke up at 5 to "break fast". Kidding.
I woke up at 5 to do my continuation of super-crash-MA-session, kicked start with my good-old-exam junk food buddy, Cintan instant noodles.

Then it was super crash session. And then the rest of the day was spent at Uni until the end of the exam, headed back and started staring at the laptop, watching at my husband performing, singing, and dancing; hoping to lighten up my zombie-esque mood.

Then at 8.30pm, the journey to my buka puasa begins....

I'll let the photos do the talking, and mind you, they were all taken with my funky little Nokia Supernova, which is only equipped with a 2MP camera. So please excuse the poor-yet-unique quality you're about to see.


I love camwhoring with street lights. It gives a very unique effect to the photos.

*Mind you, I don't bother editing photos cause I'm just too much a lazy bummer to do so.*

Soho KL, Mon't Kiara.

The menu of the restaurant.
Sexy man spotted!

We ordered...
* meat dishes ahead are pork, no chicken/beef/mutton/fish involved.*
a big fat glass of beer.
Bread with butter, the starters.
Spinach salad.
Cordon Bleu
A pork-filled platter, which idk the name.
Pork knuckle.
Mashed potatoes with (pickled?) cabbage.

Me and my sister. Its only fair that I take photos with both righttt?

And then desert was....
Haagen Daaz.
Couldn't resist the temptation to just click away with all the street lights behind.

I suppose that's pretty much to this post.
It was my first time at Soho KL and gosh, the place looks really pretty, posh.
And might I add while I'm typing this, I sound like a monkey, and yes, I do sound like a monkey from a random,thick jungle.

gosh, I wonder what it'd be like for me to go Pavilion, if I ever would.... I wonder... =/

So exams are now over, nothing left to do but to pray hard everyday. Kidding.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I heart peace!

Forgot to write this yesterday.

close up.
close up.

I know its written there 21st of Sept, but hey, no harm getting a T-shirt with a cool message on now, right? =D

I heart peace. Don't you?

If you would like to know more about the shirt, visit here for the cool shirt,
and here for more information about saving our environment.

Because we CAN make the world a better place to live in.

p/s: JR, I am damn happy you had a super unforgettable event yesterday. Good for you! xDD Lesson learnt hur hur.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A sight that melts your heart. And a bunch of super random posts.

Intended to upload this post last week, but didn't have the chance to...

Typical sight during rush hour + Buka Puasa + Rain- the endless red lights ahead.


While under the rain, some with umbrella, while some exposed to the natural droplets...

shares Buka Puasa goodies with drivers!

Also, there was a van that broke down in the middle of the road- with the driver himself pushing the vehicle aside, someone actually pulled his car aside and ran down to give a help.

Wouldn't this sight just, totally melt your heart? =3


And here, are really random posts which I was wayy too lazy to yap about.

First off, remember my 2NE1 mini album?

I played the CD with my laptop, and this is what came up...
'nuff said with the image alone. =_=ll

Secondly, I successfully broke another pair of specs while studying. Literally.
I guess it just could no longer handle all the alphabets and figures it was looking at anymore.
R.I.P, old buddy.

And then there was the (initially) post-movie review hot-pot celebration.
These two play a HUGE part of my life, seriously.

Me and my sis having our little selca session xD!

My sis as the photographer, while the 38 uncle at the back, taking a swift opportunity striking up a cute pose.

Seriously, angle does a LOT of wrong stuffs.

And then, on the 4th of Sept it was the big day for JR, got her a big-fat-ass Choco mousse cake.
Yes, it says "Stay Fresh, Black Pig"

And then, new art work!

Time used: Pencil sketch-> 3 minutes, Water colouring-> 13 minutes.
Tools involved-> Water colour, Pencil, Pen, Liquid paper, Eye shadow (yes, the one used for make up).

And finally, today went to Mid Valley and shopped and looked at a place I call heaven-on-Earth, Art Friend- in The Gardens. Seriously spent an hour just looking and staring and just staring at the awesome stuffs in there.

Watercolour art-pad, w00t!!

My long desired Copic Markers Holy-f*ing-moth3r-cow!!
Had another massive hole in my pocket.

Yea Baby~ Rimmel, bought from Watsons.

That's about all for the super un-organized post. And also a super late greeting.

To all the Muslim friends who are celebrating Hari Raya,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Speed update.4

Examination week. That's the reason for the lack of updates.

Anyhow, moving on.

I know, its pretty much an endless rambling of how badly I wanna get it, but never taken much actions. =(

So the question is, should I get beginner's (Canon 1000D) or add in a little more to get a semi-pro (Canon 450D / Canon 500D) ? lll orz

But I guess its no rush considering that I won't be getting it anytime near soon with my funds running low.

And then, there's the guard dog- Mika, who bit a snake into half.

mm... I think that's all for now. So tired. Physically, but mostly mentally.

I'm so dead for my FSA. how???


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In which...

StreamyX decided it was time to go on its PMS mood until the 10th of Sept.

Seriously, without the holy-virtual-merry land, I'd SO FREAKING DIE! On a literal note.

Also, am currently working hard on my studies- considering that finals' just, what, 2 weeks away? (;_;) *bawls my eye balls out*
And also working hard on a special something for a special someone.

Oh wait, its not just ONE thing, still working on the multiple stuffs to give to the special someone, which I doubt would be any better than the ones I received of.
*efforts efforts!!*

But, yeah, that's pretty much about it.
Other than the fact that StreamyX is on a superbly PMS-mood, and that I'm running out of time and brain-space to memo the notes, and also my recent-kicks include Joanna Wong, that's pretty much a wrap to this random post.

Enjoy your day, people!~