Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reality's just a tad too harsh...

Its the people, to be more precise.

When the person is still alive, none really bothered about his achievements. Or worse, point fingers at him.

When the person dies, (nearly) EVERYONE goes everywhere looking for him.

Yes, the person I'm referring to currently is none other than the late Michael Jackson.

Its so obvious that the stalls in pasar malam don't even bother to display his (pirated version) albums and now? From the beginning to the end of the whole market, there's not a corner where you cannot hear his voice.

How ironic. The reason being they're giving him respect (eg: playing/ selling his albums-pirated) and yet not respecting him (eg:selling his songs illegally) at the same time.

Its really sad to see a great icon, who had and is STILL influencing all the generations of newcomers in every aspect- be it the entertainment industry, etc etc- to gain back the fame and attention only after his passing. =((

Poor soul. Sometimes even the dead is not left to rest in peace hur.... tsk tsk, people of today. *shakes head*

Friday, June 26, 2009

永远的, 最好的。

真想不到,天王已经往天堂迈进了,Michael Jackson在6月25日2009年离开人间了。

好难接受这事实, 他可是在好多人的身活中都有重大的影响。


人生难测啊。。。 真的一声不响就走了。。。




粉丝们也一定很可怜吧? 希望不会看到有粉丝自杀的新闻呢。。。

All in all, I'm really sad over the huge lost- the one and only legend that is- Michael Jackson.

Enough with the sad news, let's all watch some videos to cheer up kz? =)

This is a totally unrelated video just to cheer things up =)
And seriously, I don't know whether to laugh or cry for the indians. Its so mean but its funny. sorry!


And lastly, to the legendary Michael Jackson who have touched our hearts, who will always remain in our hearts,
'teach 'em angels how to moonwalk'.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm feeling old.

I am tired. sleep-deprived. Sick. and more tiredness. from doing nothing.
I need my doses of Family Outing =(((

Speaking of which, Lee Chun Hee and Park Ye Jin's farewell episode, I'm so gonna have to need loads of tissue around while watching it. depressing... It won't be the same without them in the show. I can't imagine how bad the family must be taking it while us viewers are already crying our eyeballs out... =(((((( depressing...



On a bright note, My L'Arc~en~ciel Hurry X'mas 2007 single, First press limited edition arrived 2 days ago!

The fluorescent-pink totally made my day!<3<3<3
Don't the christmas ornament look adorably-cute?
The contents of the Single~

Also, went for a makan trip at meng tin at Taman Megah yesterday with my friend, Wei 姐(xD!), my sister, and JR, who was already there waiting.

Left Sg Long at 7pm, arrived destination at bout 8pm, left at 10+pm, arrived back at 11.30pm.

And here is how the table looked like after we ordered food xD!


I know. We seem like a bunch of dinosaurs-on-the-loose from the looks of the table. But hey! How often do we do it? xD!

List of orders include:
1. Fried Oyster
2. Claypot rice
3. Pizza
4. Asam Laksa
5. Dried Curry Noodles
6. Okonomiyaki
7. Fried Mushroom
8. Ikan Panggang
9. Fried Carrot Cake
10. Otak-otak
11. 2 large fruit juice

After finishing up, went and had a stroll at good-old Taman Megah and found a shop that totally cater to my magazine needs. Yes mamee, I found another heaven~! <3<3<3

Hair (British edition), Vivi, i-D.


That's all for now. Have to continue with assignments and try not to faint in front of the laptop, I hate headaches.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


L'Arc~en~ciel's 2007 limited ed, Super duper PINK-colored X'mas single came!!!!! HOLY COW!!!

Guess who's the happy biatch now? xDDD!!!!

More updates tomorrow. Dead tired right now. I blame it on old age. Nights peeps!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Life so far...*take two*

.... has been unfruitful.

I'm busy, I'm focused, but at the same time, I don't feel I've achieved much.

Assignments are back to haunt me, not to mention the mid terms which would be here soon. Sigh, why do I fail so bad at time management.

Anyways, an image heavy update on what I've done: the Penang trip in May, and also the not so recent L'oreal Studio Star Search event.
First up, the May events. Other than going out with friends, of course I could not possibly miss out on one thing I always do when I'm at home.
And that is :


Camwhoring with my bro xD!!
And yes! We had eyeliner on! HAHA!
Oh! And have I ever told you guys that traditional-method steamboat is still the best? <3<3<3 src="http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o1/crestfallen-marionette/IMG_1312.jpg" alt="Photobucket" border="0">

which, frankly speaking, I've no idea it existed either. So how did I end up going for something which I don't even know of its existence?
Simple. JR's friend's sister's boyfriend was one of the finalists. Long relation? Not really. I know them too. *lol*

Content of the goodie-bag received upon entering the venue.
p/s: The Hydra Fresh Moisturizer really works!

The layout of the stage.
This girl's really pro at catching the right moment with random shots.

All 14 lucky finalists of the event. Handsome hunks and pretty ladies.

The host of the night.

The red one indicates the finalist. Whereas the yellow indicates a fellow friend from Creative dance, was really surprised to see her on stage xD!
Singing. He composed his own song but all I heard was something about cats. =/
The one performance that made the whole floor excited xD! Very funny and entertaining- the beauty's the finalist whereas that guy's her dance partner, who is seriously hyper xD!!
She sang, she danced, and she smiled for the camera and had a fun time!
Hip hop dance.
More singing.
Percussion solo.
More singing. But this was not bad, it gives off a very 'Estrella-esque' feel.
Belly dancing. The red indicates the beautiful finalist.
And of course, the one person whom we all went to support, Mr Ben! xD! He was singing too!
And the last performance- a break dance session.

All finalists strutting their stuff on stage for a talent segment, minus one performance, which was a sexychair dance. I'm sorry. If I post up the photos I took of her it'd not do her any justice.

And one conclusion from all the contributions of the finalists to the talent segment, Zouk is definitely not a place to sing in. 9.5 out of 10 times the PA system's not cooperative.

Season 2 winners sharing their experience on life after being crowned the winners.

The winners of this season- walks away RM2000 richer and a one-year contract with L'oreal. Ben won the popular votes instead. =/

Update: More photos may be seen here

After the event we all, yes, every-single-Ben-supporter walked across for mamak session.

I mean, have you seen such a long receipt at a mamak stall?
By the way, the beautiful lady here would be Stephenie *correct me if I got the spelling wrong*,
who is JR's friend's sister.


Then on 15th and 16th June, the Student Representative Committee at my Uni brought in the exhibition from Soka Gakkai Malaysia, titled
From a culture of violence to a culture of peace: Transforming the human spirit.
It is a really good exhibition, and I heard that other campuses/academic institutions are considering on bringing the exhibition in to do as well.
So people, do give your support and go have a look, you don't have to pay nor talk if you don't feel like talking. Just go and read the panels available and get a better understanding of what you don't or already have known.


Ok, that's all for now, I need to get back to Yeo Hiap Seng and Golden Pharos now. Assignments.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Speed update.

Not much, just the fact that I've finally discovered what the hoo-hahs behind Britney's song- If you seek Amy- was all about, and might I say, its totally ingenious of a lyric/song. haha! But yea, that song's deadly addictive, like most of the tracks from Circus.

Ok, I will try my best to have a very interesting life so I will not bore any of you. *slapself*