Thursday, October 29, 2009


I think I'm gonna hate Thursdays now.
Wait, I take that back. I hate Thursdays... for the next 5 weeks to come.

Sorry to start off the post with such a negative remark, but seriously, I'm just not myself right now, and feeling very emo due to all the things that are going on at the moment, and am seriously feeling the stress now.

Life so far has been great... how I wish I could actually say that. I mean, its not bad, its just that things are really packed and hectic, far more hectic than it was.

Yes, its that time again, the time when the fog thickens and blurs my vision once more.
I am so sick of trying to find my way in this labyrinth over and over again. Might as well getting a GPS for my life. But then again, what does the GPS stand for in the context of my life?


So anyways, until I get those oh-so-depressing; f-ed up thoughts of mine on how I'm living my life like a poor self-confusing bastard, I'll just do a quick update on what happened during the time when I went MIA from the virtual fairy-land.

I guess I'm gonna start off the updates with photos of my artworks for the past months:
done as birthday presents, and for practice purposes.

For Sally's bday:

This is the 'WIP' drawing, the finished drawing is WAYYYY cooler and WAAAYYYY complicated with all the hair floating around.
The cat went to Sally, while the girl went to Saru~


My proudest work at the moment.
Not only its a 13-minute drawing, it was also an experiment with various medias including eye shadow.


Just a simple birthday card with a personal touch to it.
Took me hours to do this cause I'm so out of touch.
And her birthday cake which I bake.

Practice purposes:
Attempt with copic markers #1. Quite satisfied with the outcome.

A quick doodle on colored-paper.

during process
Finished work.

The only drawing I did when I was back at home-sweet-home.

One of the motivator to go back home, my handsome 老夫子.

For the one week that I was back home, which was also super unexpected and hyper last minute kind of decision, I was still recuperating from the after effects of an event known to many as final examinations.
By the final 2 papers, I was already beyond any average homo sapien, feeling like a literal ghoul.
So anyways, I spent about 3-4 days of my 1-week stay in my comfort zone at home.
No virtual holy-land-visiting.
No movies/TV staring.
No yum cha sessions.
Just me and the 4 walls of the room.
Which was exactly what I needed.

Then after getting better, had the chance to meet up with my friends, who'd always remind me of how life should really go on despite what a pain it is.

And then I went on to tidy some of my old junks and found some precious memories buried under the pile of garbage. Yes I'm a full time garbage collector.

It is with much pain and regret, that I have to say, these no longer exist in my collection of garbage. These are my treasure of all time, and I had to throw them away since my dad wanted me to clear up some of my old stuffs. I had a hold of these books when I started taking Piano lessons, yes, they are piano books.
Not only were they part of the reason why I got attracted to art (come on, who can resist the cute drawings on the cover?), they also reminded me of my mom, who always accompanied me during my piano lessons.

This is a CNY card which I think I received from a dear friend of mine during Form 1/2, and it made me LOL-ed the whole day. I mms-ed her the photo and she too had forgotten all about what she had written, or about the card for that matter.

I think this was Form 2/3? A time when I was SOO hooked onto anime and even spread the bug to my friends at school, and ended up sacrificing an exercise book to write up a review on animes which we like during that time.

I also would like to say that, I love sunsets.
Yes, sunrises are pretty too, but I love sunsets more.
And to me, sunsets back at home are the best.


I guess that's all for now. I shall go and clear my head a little and just, rest more.
Gosh, its only been 2 weeks and I'm already starting to miss home once again.
I'm just sad-case, am I not...

The same place, same scene. Just a different feeling.