Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Speed update.3

I've been meaning to post this awesome energy-bar-for-the-soul blog for a while now, just hadn't the time to do it.

It is non other than the awesomeness that is Jason Mraz's blog.

Seriously, reading it is like feeding sugar to your soul.

I thank JR for intro-ing me to this awesome drug.

On another note, some really awesome songs- by Late Night Alumni, and Kaskade- to share with you guys.

Seriously, the two needs more love for their awesome beats.

Ooops! =DD
They're just too awesome to pass on.

Oh! There's also Lenka!

I promise, a proper update once I'm over with some stuffs.
Til then, do listen to the songs! =D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

















Friday, July 17, 2009

Speed update.2

6 big-fat cups of coffee in one day.

Seriously. I'll die from coffee-overdose one day...

and from all the stress studying is giving me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's Cooking? (01)

Before I start another long post on how my life was for the past few days, thought I might just have a fun try at posting up DIY cooking. xD

Of course, everyone has their own way of cooking, but there's no harm in me doing it my way,right? =D

So here goes!

Fried Rice
ala cincai-style xD!!

What you need to do :

1. Put away all distractions
In my case its this hot-dog who'll be walking around in the kitchen in search for food on the floor.
2. (my case) turn on some songs <3
Was listening to 蘇打绿 (Soda Green) songs. They're lovely!


1. Some greens
2. Onion
3. Carrot
4. (finely chopped)Basil leaves
5. Garlic
6. Spring onion
7. Eggs
8. Rice ( Best if its overnight rice )
9. Oil
10. Salt
11. Pepper
12. Sesame seed oil

Note: Ingredients differ for individual preferences

Tralala~ Let's begin our cincai-style fried rice!

Prep egg with salt, pepper and sesame seed oil!
Then beat away~
p/s:Somehow the photo doesn't do the awesome combination justice =/

Heat wok, put in oil!
Note: Don't be stingy! Fried rice= oily food
You have to put in enough oil or your rice will stick to the wok.
And do pay attention on the amount of heat/fire you on- not too big, not too small.

Throw in onion and garlic.

Put in carrot.
Note: I put in carrots this early because I like 'em soft.

Put in rice.
Note: reason why overnight rice is preferred is because they're not as soggy as freshly cooked rice. Thus the fried rice won't be all soggy and the rice would be fried wholly.

Put in Greens.
Note: I know some may say the vitamins in the greens would've been destroyed if I put them in this early, but that's just my way of cooking. =)

Put in the (finely chopped)Basil leaves.
Note: Add salt into the rice before adding in the eggs if you want to.

Put in eggs.

And stir away~

Note: At this point, adding eggs will make your rice soggy, so you need to make sure your fire's big enough to ensure that the egg's thoroughly cooked WITHOUT making your rice stick to the wok. Also, continually stir the rice from time to time.

Once the rice is less soggy, off the fire. This is because its time to eat~
Put spring onion on top and ready to serve~!

And just to show you the importance of the equation:
Enough oil + Fire Control =
Less time spent on cleaning up the wok.


Fried rice = life.

Why so?

There's no one way to fry rice, you can be spontaneous and just throw in whatever you have in your fridge or your food-storage. Of course make sure they're edible stuffs.

Also, depending on the ingredients you put in, they affect the taste a lot.
So ingredients are like the means you choose to get to your destination.

Put in Basil leaves and you'll get basil-fragance in your rice.
Put in strawberries and you'll get..... I don't know....(="=);;

Also the oil and fire control.
How would one know about how much oil is enough? Or how big a fire is needed?

Its all down to trial and error.

So in life, there'll always be ups and downs.
Don't be pessimistic about life.
Its ok to be depressed once in a while, but still, one will have to MOVE ON!

To JR,You should really do this post while you're at your baking xD! This is fun!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Nothing in particular. Just wanted to say I'm still alive, and updates will be up AFTER I'm done with my assignments.

And just to say, happy birthday to my dearest mommy~

Friday, July 10, 2009

The death of me.

shit. I'm dead tired. I really can't stand sleeping during the wee hours.

Finally submitted my half-ass-ed entry for L'Oreal's Hydrafresh Fresh design. Decided to participate on a VERY last minute basis and also because I love the Hydrafresh moisturizer. what else.

And when I say it was half ass-ed, I really mean it was half ass-ed.

I must say, I am superbly, extraordinarily DISSAPOINTED with myself.

I know I'm speaking gibberish right now. Excuse me please.


Shall write a decent-proper post next when I have the time and also finished up with my pile of work.

I hate myself.

I hate myself for not being able to do things not in the last minute manner.

I hate myself for procrastinating so much to the point that I just sit there worrying and taking no actions.

I hate myself for not being disciplined enough to stay focus on priorities.

I hate myself for the pea-sized brain that I have which cannot possibly handle the large capacities of data required to be stored in it for examinations and also assignments.

And I also hate myself for not being able to generate inspiration and ideas rather than waiting for it to come to me.

But one thing's for sure.

I definitely love how I can rant here despite the pile of endless work ahead.

Yes. I love myself. Really.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hyper LONG POST ahead!

Wasn't able to update on how interesting my life had been so far due to the never ending torture at Uni that is known as mid terms.

So here's one hell of a long-friggin' post that is accompanied by photos too!
And they sure took up plenty of processing time.

Here's a snap at what my July is like so far...

1st July:

Attended a talk in conjunction with Utar's CWW week which was held in the PJ branch and took a jab of Gardasil and also went for a mini health check up. Saw Uncle Chicken there who was in charge of the....diabetic test booth? xD!

Surprisingly, there were many students who participated in the talk and even guys asked questions! But yea, its not like its embarrassing or a taboo to ask stuffs about girls, guys need to know them too!

Goodies courtesy of MSD.

The plaster given after the jab, which I pasted at the back of my phone xD!

3rd July:

Already had plans to meet up with my dearest Rhu Rhu for Transformers initially but wasn't able to make it due to Organizational Development mid term =((

Anyhow, met up for dinner with her instead with the usual gang.
And so, we went to...
Full House in Ara Damansara, the place is called 牛车水 in mandarin.

One of the paintings on the wall


The receipt. What else >_>

And then we went upstairs to explore the interior... which was very fairy-tale-like.
Of course not forgetting...
Our ability to fully utilize the set to camwhore xD!

But seriously, the second floor setting is ideal for photography sessions. Wait til I get my hands on my dream DSLR... TT_TT

And then, we headed to the Curve for yum cha session and also to see Mr. Max.
And seriously, what he said is true... Everytime not like we go there to meet him THAT often to begin with we go there to see him we ended up at places like this...

Meet The Apartment,
a place with nice ambiance and a costly *for students like me* chill-out spot.

Meet the bottle of "puny-sized" Sprite who had traveled all the way from Thailand to be priced at RM7.90.
The love that screams "I'll-burn-a-huge-hole-in-your-purse" choc pudding.
The "We-don't-really-like-it" Elton Mass... Or so I think its called that...>_>lll

And then Mr Max came, and since the place was really out of the question *for students like us* to dine in, we decided to drop by at another location for makan, making it our 3rd makan spot within hours.

Group photo taken before leaving The Apartment.

The 3rd makan spot was...

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar, Damansara.

And that ended the whole 7-hour makan-outing, consisting mostly of roads, cars and traffic.

6th July:

Finished up the second paper for mid term with tears and plenty of blood-lost, which was otherwise known as Financial Statement Analysis.

And came the highlight of the day/night.
Birthday(s) celebration.

Island Red Cafe in Mahkota Cheras, with the visible classmates standing by the railings or some who were fooling around at the back on the second floor.

Took some actually plenty of photos while waiting for the other lead role to arrive.

A drink that goes by the name, Fall in love. xD!
My orders- Fried Seafood Tofu and Mocha Ice blended.

And FINALLY the other lead role came, and the party began!

Chocolate Mousse Cake from King's specially for the July born-s, Kent and Carmen~
They posted together
Made a wish together
Blew out the candles together
Cut the cake together

AWWWWwwWWwwWwwwwwww~~~ xD!!

And of course, not letting go of the chance to tease the duo...

And also, asking them to write birthday wishes to each other...

... looked like they were signing the marriage agreement LOL!!!

And these two photos looked like they had just signed a business agreement for partnership or something xD!
But we all still wanna think of it as an agreement of marriage. XD!!!

And of course, not forgetting to take a group photo to finish it off.

And compare this photo with the one taken in...


Pretty huge difference hur.

And lastly, I am foreseeing myself unable to complete the entry for L'oreal's Hydrafresh competition... I totally suck lllorz
I already missed out on 2 competitions where I drafted the drawings but never manage to complete it, and now the lack of inspiration to participate in this competition.
This Totally S-U-C-K.

p/s: This has been a f-ing 2-hour-pain-in-the-@$$-long-post that took place right after I arrived home from the 'yum cha/bday party celebration'. So consider this post FRESH off the oven.