Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh Lookie, first proper post of 2012!

The post title can't be any more appropriate/accurate than that..

so... how should I start for my first proper post for 2012...
We're now in the final quarter of 2012, what can I say...
Life's been pretty.. tough..
Loads happened; Life has brought me on a very much fun-filled, thrilling, endless ups-and-downs, ride..

Its been so long since I've blogged I don't even remember how to anymore.. And also MOST of my friends have not stopped blogging altogether. I guess we've just all been busy with our lives..

So much to update on, and I don't know where to start...
Well for starters, my hair's no longer waist-length now; I've put on more weight with all the weekend-munch-habits; my face is like the surface of the moon from all the stress... 

Anyways, on to the updates on the trips I went last year..
I had been trip-in' for 3 consecutive months, I'm grateful my company's not asked me to pack my bags for all the leaves I applied for hahaha! 

So here it is.. Long overdue update on my first trip for 2011, to the Islands of Gods - Bali ..
To be exact it has been 1 year 3 months overdue *zips mouth*