Friday, December 31, 2010

So fast yet so slow...

Just realized I labeled 2010 as the year of Awesomeness in the past blogpost / first blog post of 2010...

Am looking back through the blogposts and reminiscing back on the events that took place on the months before stepping into a new chapter...

So here goes...


Zoorific, Choc and bridal fair, completion of thesis.


Learnt not to wear heels and run on stony grounds, went to Kampachi after 2+years, went back to awesome Penang for Chinese New Year celebration and had a wonderful gathering with my favourite bunch... But was pretty much a fucked up month...


Shipped JR off to NS, went Laundry and Library with crazy classmates, threw a surprise bday celebration for Ni, went to Mist as VIPs thanks to Fly FM.


Went back to Penang for a short trip which pretty much turned bitter, met up with Taman Sea gang for a much-needed yum char session, kick started my final- finals as a degree undergraduate.


Continuation and ending of my degree life, had awesome Korean food @ Maru, had awesome full-gathering/last dinner with classmates, learnt that one can eat from morning to morning if one wants to via 4D3N Penang trip wtf, celebrated XL's bday, started K-workers 10-day fun workshop.


Went to cheer for Princess Barbie's competition, dropped by Urbanscapes, took part in a photography competition and was announced as a consolation winner, WHICH was later denounced.... apparently they made a mistake fml... Not interested anymore.


Went Zouk for 2nd time- 1st was for the L'oreal Event in 2009, attended Clinique's star tour for fun, officially started my working life.


Adjusting to my working life wtf... No idea what happened to August seriously...


Went to Pahang to see elephants and eat some durian tarts and bombs wtf.


Celebrated Rhu's bday., Hennessy Artistry hell ya babehhh~! ... And erm.... cannot remember...


The month where I'm super broke, celebrated my bday, more continuation of dramas and emergence of new dramas wtf...


Where I'm even MORE broke.... Outings with Taman Sea gang, went MOS/Euphoria for the final time cause I got fucking groped by some fucktard that aside, not much of hunks/MY dictionary of eye candies, went Genting with Hamtaro and his family plus TY and got the sickness wheeee, was harassed by a fucking retarded pervert on the road while I was driving to work...

So I spent the last day of December with my bottle of cough syrup and medications, bathed the dogs, and cleaned the cars.

Alright, I shall name 2011 as cleanup year wtf.

Anyways, thanks for the year and memories of 2010, even though there were too many dramas and shits happening, I appreciate those small little things that made me happy and forget the moment.

Thank you very much.

And now I shall sleep cause I've been having difficulties keeping my eyes open to type this...

Nights, and happy 2011 year to everyone who reads this wtf!

May yours be NOT as dramatic/shitty as my 2010...
Hope mine isn't as wel.. *gulps*

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